Fourth Way Programs

The Millers River Education Cooperative invites you to take part in our programs and special events. Whether you have extensive experience and are looking to renew your inner practice, or you are new to the groups and wish to explore the ideas, you are welcome to participate. For those looking for an authentic experience with Gurdjieff Movements , inner exercises, meditation, the enneagram, cosmology, and more, our group may be an excellent fit for what you seek. Our focus on working with the body through practical work and Gurdjieff Movements, integrated with a spiritual psychological approach, and collaborating with others, gives a special flavor to our way of working.

We offer ten-day residential seminar experiences through our Summer Seminars. Additional events held at Camp Caravan are offered through guest hosts, many of which receive active participation by MREC members.

Weekly and monthly group meetings are ongoing. Introductory groups for "new people" are available in multiple locations. Additionally we have several active online groups which meet at various times. For information we invite you to contact us through all the means provided at the contact page.

Please review our calendar of events.