About Us

Millers River Educational Cooperative at Camp Caravan (MREC) is dedicated to the lifelong pursuit of spiritual transformation, and continuing education, as preparation for the task of serving the future. As MREC members, we meet every week at Camp Caravan to share our Work. Many of us attended Sherborne and the Claymont Society and have worked directly with J. G. Bennett, Pierre Elliot, Irmis Popoff, Mrs. Stavely, and other great teachers of the Work. We have also had the benefit of the teachings of the Ven. Vera Dharmawara Bhante, Suleiman Dede, Dr. Sharma, and many others.

We oversee The Village School (a private elementary school) that will soon be moving to a new site at Camp Caravan. We work extensively with the Gurdjieff Movements, integrated with the spiritual psychological teachings of the Work. At this time we are fortunate to have access to the Gurdjieff Movements Music through Elan Sicroff, a student of Madame de Hartmann, and one of the leading proponents of the Gurdjieff music today.

How we work

Residential courses, lasting up to six weeks, are offered for those seeking the opportunity for intensive practice in the methods of G. I. Gurdjieff and J. G. Bennett and others, in a closed group setting, lead by faculty from groups around the world and from the Millers River Educational Cooperative (MREC).

M.R.E.C. members, many of whom live in the immediate area, meet together regularly as a gathering of peers, each sharing from within to work together as a group. Many of us have worked together for more than three decades, and newcomers are very welcome. We also lead groups for “new” people wishing to become more familiar with Work ideas. We hold an annual seminar each summer for anyone who wishes to work intensively and renew his/her inner life, and collaborate with Work groups around the world.

Open Work Days are available throughout the year. MREC is presently working at restoring the old buildings on the Camp Caravan property to be used for seminars, live-in Intensive programs, and future activities serving the local community and the Village School.