David Kherdian, author, publisher, and editor

David was the editor of Stopinder: A Gurdjieff Journal of our Time. He and his wife, Nonny Hogrogian, founded Two Rivers Press in Aurora, Oregon. David's children's book, The Road from Home: The Story of an Armenian Girl, was based on his mother's story as her family's sole survivor of the Turkish Genocide of 1915. The book received the Newbery Honor Book Award and was an American book Award nominee.

The author of sixty-six books including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, translations, retellings, anthologies, children's books, David will share poetry from Seeds of Light: Poems from a Gurdjieff Community during his October 13, 2012 presentation at Camp Caravan. Read a selection written during work at Claymont, below.

Work and Work related books include

Monkey: A Journey to the West
On a Spaceship with Beelzebub: By a Grandson of Gurdjieff, 
Seeds of Light: Poems from a Gurdjieff Community
The Buddha: The Story of an Awakened Life

(Claymont, March, 1985)
There by the small weeping tree
    that cries in life continuing
    for a life that is gone—
    its tear a consecration
    as if a tear could spread
    its salt and stone into
    a tiny plaque of love

Placed level, secured and held fast
    in ground surrounded
    by tiny flowers whose
    heads peep heavenward

While their hearts conceal the knowledge
    of the everlasting beatitude
    of unfathomable Time

For they are telling us in their quiet way
    that the inward counterpoint
    of sorrow is bliss

As it emanates endlessly
    from the everlasting joy
from which all life
    takes its part.