All real enjoyment is as good, from the point of view of energy production and conservation, as suffering. —J.G. Bennett


My place is where I am, and your place is where you are. Not only have I got to bear my own situation, I have to bear your situation also. First of all I have to bear the truth about myself and little by little I have to bear all truths —J.G. Bennett


Isaac Richardson

On Reality

Try to remember always what is real in this world. Time and time again we get lost, and finding this reality can be hard, because we have to face ourselves first and see that we are fake almost all the time. But if we can see this honestly without a filter, then suddenly things become clear and so beautiful.

Here are some things that I've found are real: All life is sacred and so unbelievably special that it's hard to say if we can fully comprehend its significance. We have a whole universe inside us, in our emotional center, which we've barely begun to explore. We need each other and we can't make any true progress alone. Joy is everywhere, all the time, but we are only capable of receiving and emitting it when we are in the right state. And then there's love. Love, true objective love(not the high or the feeling produced from romance) is real. Love doesn't depend on anyone, anything, or any time or place. It's a state that is so gentle and powerful, and has no comparison. It feels like home and makes us human again.

All of these truths are a taste of reality, but understanding them and living within them doesn't come for free, even if we have experienced a taste of them before. They come with a price, but the price is well worth it. We have to struggle against ourselves, and always put in an effort greater than the previous moment's. We have to work even when we don't directly see the results. We have to be on top of our situation and not let the conditions of life be on top of us. And we have to see ourselves as we really are, while never putting ourselves down for what we see. There is no end to all of this, but the farther we can travel, the more we learn to love it, and see that there is not one thing that would make us go back.